Intelligent Process Optimization


As a global market leader, we manufacture technologically advanced high precision tool holders for turning centers, swiss type lathes, multi spindle turning centers and Ultra-High Speed Spindles that are known for high performance and long life-time.


Using our new „smart“ technology, our customers will be able to intelligently optimize and monitor their processes in the future.


High Tech – Made in Germany

From the technical design to the finished product, we make no compromises when it comes to manufacturing our high precision tool holders.


Permanent investment in state-of-the-art production technologies, high quality standards, and a large manufacturing depth.

Our products are in use worldwide, wherever precision parts are manufactured on turning centers with high productivity.


Pioneer and World Market Leader

Experts in Specialization: WTO is considered a pioneer in the field of driven tool holders. For nearly four decades, we have focused exclusively on the development and manufacture of precision tool holders.


By means of collaborative teams, our engineers constantly develop new and innovative products, resulting in numerous advancements and patented solutions that keep WTO ahead of the curve in driven tool technology.

Our tradition

WTO had its beginning in 1977 when the founder of the company, Werner Tschiggfrei, developed the first multiple spindle heads for Machining Centers with automatic tool change. It was a world sensation and the start of a new epoch.


History in the making occurred in 1983 with the founding of WTO Werkzeug-Einrichtungen GmbH located in Offenburg,Germany and the design and manufacturing of tool holders for metal cutting. In 1998, WTO relocated and established a new and larger manufacturing facility in Ohlsbach, Germany. Until today, WTO continues to design and manufacture precision tool holders for Turning Centers, Swiss Type Lathes and Multi-Spindle Turning Centers as well as Ultra-High Speed Spindles at its headquarters in Ohlsbach, Germany.


As a world market leader, WTO’s strives to keep up with and utilize new and improved innovations and technologies. To accommodate its continued growth, the company annually invests in new machines and expanded space for its manufacturing area.


Since 1998, the headquarters in Ohlsbach has increased its facility size six times. In 2021, WTO completed its largest expansion in the company's history. Of the approximately 14,000 m² (~150,695 square foot) expansion, roughly 9,000 m² (~97,000 square foot) are occupied by the “Smart Factory” with the latest industry 4.0 production technology. The remaining 5,000 m² (~54,000 square foot) are dedicated to office space with a large window-view of the castle. 

Our corporate principles: Do It Right

WTO’s long-term success has been and is dependent on following ethical standards of doing what is right. Our Corporate Principles make it clear what we mean by having integrity, what rules apply to all of us, and the principles that guide us in how we conduct business.  


Integrity is the basis for our actions

For us, it means being honest and showing a consistent and uncompromising commitment to upright principles and values.    

By means of a collaborative effort between WTO’s management team and our employees in various areas of the company, the guidelines found in the Corporate Principles were created to benefit one in all aspects of work and daily life, especially when challenging situations mean making a right decision is critical to a achieving a successful outcome.


Corporate Principles

At the heart of WTO’s corporate vision and mission are seven key principles that articulate the expectation of ethical standards to be followed by all employees and our affiliates.


Satisfied Customers

In providing first-class products with unparalleled quality and service, maintaining a reputation for customer satisfaction is imperative in not only building existing relationships, but in securing future ones.


Motivated employees

WTO’s most important asset is motivated employees. We pay great importance to the fact that our employees are well educated and well trained. Not only does this create optimal productive and safe working conditions, but it contributes to both, the success of the employee and the company as a whole.


Management Responsibility 

The company management encourages employee’s motivation and develops an atmosphere of partnership for respectful and trusting cooperation and responsible action of the employees. Our Managers are responsible for occupational safety in their areas and act in an exemplary manner.


Continuous Improvement 

As a sustainable company, we constantly strive to improve our products, processes and services in order to increase their quality and productivity.

WTO stands for first-class products, both in performance and quality. With the same ambition, WTO designs workplaces and develops processes to achieve the highest levels of  safety and ergonomics.


Qualified Partners

By partnering with highly qualified suppliers, WTO ensures that externally procured components and services conform to our company’s pre-established requirements for highest quality and reliability. 



WTO permanently invests in state-of-the-art production facilities, IT, workplace equipment, sophisticated infrastructure, and in the energy efficiency of our buildings.



Our social responsibility towards the environment and future generations shapes our careful use of natural and renewable resources through regenerative power generation. 


Sustainability at WTO

For WTO, sustainability means creating lasting values: economically, ecologically, and socially for the benefit of our customers, employees, business partners, and society as a whole.


Climate Protection and Air Pollution Control

With the Smart Factory (which is above all a "Green Factory") currently being completed, we want to set a milestone in state-of-the-art production technology and environmental protection. WTO has already been using renewable energies for years and is now increasing its savings by an additional 3.8 gigawatt hours of energy per year, which corresponds to a CO2 reduction of 445 tons.

Another solar energy system can generate 750 kW peak, a large part of the electricity required by WTO itself, and reduces the electrical grid consumption by approximately 770 megawatt hours per year, which corresponds to a CO2 reduction of 420 tons.


Resource Conservation

We promote the use of resources as sparingly as possible throughout our supply chain.


Data Responsibility

We take advantage of the opportunities offered by digitization while also handling data responsibly. Three basic principles apply here: transparency, self-determination, and data security.


Human Rights

WTO takes seriously our responsibility to respect human rights among our industry partners, and we systematically track compliance.