WTO & SFI-Toodle Announced the Merger of Their Business Operations

WTO and SFI Alpha Spin have announced the merger of their business operations. WTO has acquired the SFI assets, patents and customer contracts. The SFI Toodle products will be offered from 01.01.2020 under the WTO brand CoolSpeed™.


SFI, founded in 2014, provides evolutionary and affordably ultra-high-speed turbine driven spindles that boost productivity of metal cutting machines to efficiently achieve high rotation speeds up to 75,000 RPM.
“SFI offers an exciting opportunity for WTO to strengthen and expand its product offering” explains Sascha Tschiggfrei, President and CEO of WTO. “WTO will promote the CoolSpeed™ Spindles through its existing sales channels worldwide, and expand the product offering to its customers with high-speed spindles”.


Teddy Jaffe, CEO of SFI, also commented “WTO’s acquisition of SFI provides a major growth opportunity for the CoolSpeed™ Spindles through an extended service offering for clients worldwide. We will maintain the support to our existing partners while growing new markets and serving customers worldwide”.


WTO is a world leader in the design and manufacturing of high-quality precision tool holders and tooling systems for turning centers, with headquarter in Germany and service centers in the USA and Asia.


More information about the CoolSpeed™ Spindle products can be found at WTO’s company website: www.wto-tools.com and at SFI’s website: www.sfi-toodle.com.


Contact info:
Name: Wolfgang Zimmermann/Marketing Manager
Organization: WTO GmbH
Address: Auf der oberen Au 45, 77797 Ohlsbach, Deutschland
Phone: +49 7803 9392-251


Additional Information about CoolSpeed® from WTO