WTO at the IMTS 2018 in Chicago/USA: the 4. Industrial Revolution in the area of CNC Turning Centers

The New Generation of Smart Driven Toolholders from WTO enables for the first time a real online process monitoring of automated manufacturing processes for CNC Turning Centers.


INDUSTRY 4.0 world premieres and more inventions from WTO:

Premieres and innovations at IMTS 2018

QuickFlex® smart




The new generation of Smart Driven Toolholders with intelligent online process monitoring for high process reliability in automated manufacturing cells. 

CoolSpeed® mini EX for Swiss Type




Do you use small cutting tool diameters and need high RPM?Our new WTO CoolSpeed® mini EX toolholders for Swiss Type Turning Centers with rotation speeds from 30,000 to 75,000 RPM will fit right to your application.Driven by coolant fluid – a well-priced flexible solution to be used for every machine.

nanoFlex® Quick Change System for Swiss Type




Would you like to reduce the tool change time, to increase

the flexibility and productivity on your Swiss Type Turning Centers? You might explore our new innovative Quick Change System: nanoFlex®.