Work Piece examples based on CoolSpeed® High Speed machining

Find here examples of high speed applications like i. e. milling, drilling, grinding, chamfering and engraving.




Driven by coolant, cutting oil or air mist, rotation speeds up to 75,000 rpm will give you (almost) all possibilities.

Milling 86% faster with CoolSpeed® than with standard Driven Tool Holders

Application: Part for electronics assembly
Machining: milling
Total machining time:
- CoolSpeed® mini: 2 minutes
- Standard driven tool holders: 15 minutes 
Total saving: 86%




Machine: Citizen Cincom L32
CoolSpeed® mini: CM-CE-R016-046-4-A
rpm: 55,000
Driven by: coolant
Coolant Pressure: 319 psi (22 bar) 
Size of work piece: 26 mm x 5 mm
Material: 6061 T6 Aluminium


87% faster operation with CoolSpeed® compared to a Machine Spindle

Application: Demo work piece
Machining: pocket milling, slot milling, drilling and engraving
Total machining time:
- CoolSpeed® mini: 2 minutes
- Machine Spindle: 15:45 minutes
Total saving: 87%




Machine: Hermle C32
CoolSpeed® mini: CM-CE-F025-010-4-A
Max. rpm: 60,000
Driven by: coolant
Coolant Pressure: 580 psi (40 bar)
Size of work piece: 38 mm x 38 mm x 10 mm
Material: SAE4140
Hardness: 33 HRC



Engraving letters with CoolSpeed®

Application: Demo work piece for complete part machining
Machining: engraving
Machining time CoolSpeed® mini: 11 Seconds




Machine: Okuma LB3000 EXII
CoolSpeed® mini: CM-CE-F016-046-4-A
Max. rpm: 50,000
Driven by: coolant
Coolant Pressure: 230 psi (16 bar)
Outer diameter of work piece: 69 mm
Material: AISI 1018
Hardness: 126 HB (71 HRB)



Drilling holes dia. 0.0189“ on a turning center fast and efficient with high-speed

Application: High-speed drilling of 12 holes diameter 0.0189“ and depth 0.300“ with a right angle CoolSpeed® mini spindle mounted in a boring bar holder
Machining: drilling
Machining time CoolSpeed® mini: 80 seconds

Machine: Doosan Lynx 2100LSY
CoolSpeed® mini: CM-CI-R016-016-4-A
rpm: 75,000
Driven by: cutting oil
Coolant Pressure: 60 bar (870 psi)
Size of work piece: Approx. 1” diameter x ¾”
Material: Copper
Hardness: 51 HRB