WTO organizes Corona vaccination in the company

WTO organized a vaccination against the Corona virus SARS-CoV-2 for its employees by its own company doctor.


Ohlsbach/Germany, July 2021

Those employees interested in a vaccination could receive their vaccine with prior registration at WTO in Ohlsbach. As the Johnson & Johnson vaccine only requires 1 shot, demand was high and the now vaccinated employees were pleased to obtain the vaccine in such an uncomplicated way. 

"Since the beginning of the crisis, we have immediately and un-bureaucratically implemented successfully the WTO Corona protection measures in accordance with the respective valid health and safety regulations. We set-up Plexiglas walls, installed air cleaners with Corona-effective filters and implemented time-shifted working hours. In addition and where possible, home office was offered and we provided self-tests as well as medical and FFP2 face masks. Because of the effective protective measures, our employees at WTO have not been exposed to the risk of an infection with the Corona virus. It was therefore logical that our employees could also be vaccinated in the company as quickly as possible," explains WTO CEO Sascha Tschiggfrei.