Ohlsbach, May 2023


The regional competition of the "World Robot Olympiad" took place on May 27, 2023 – for the first time at WTO.

The World Robot Olympiad (WRO) is an international robot competition that aims to get children and young people interested in science and technology. Everybody at the age of 8 to 19 can take part.


The WRO 2023 season theme is: “Connecting the World!”

The theme of this year's "World Robot Olympiad" is "Connecting the world" (worldwide connections via seas, rivers and canals, as well as the Internet) - with the aim of building a robot that connects people and places with each other in the long term.

This year there were 40 regional competitions followed by a German final in Freiburg in June. The World Final will be held in Panama. More than 700 teams take part in the competitions every year.

The exclusive organizer of the World Robot Olympiad is “TECHNIK BEGEISTERT e.V.”

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The organizer of this regional competition is "Forscher/innen für die Region e.V."/"Xenoplex".

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There are four regional competition categories in which the children and young people develop robot models on the topic of "Connecting the world": "Future Innovators" (free choice of robot materials such as controllers, sensors etc. and also other building materials such as wood, plastic etc. for the project and the status of the team), "RoboMission" (use only LEGO robots), "RoboSports" (use only LEGO robots and other external cameras) and "Future Engineers" (free choice of robot materials such as controllers, sensors, etc., there are certain minimum requirements and key data such as robot size and weight that must be met).


This year, the regional competition in the "Future Innovators" category took place at WTO. As digital training content with robotics and automation is taught in the modern training workshop WTO ACADEMY, WTO is predestined as the venue. The task of the 10 teams, consisting of 22 participants, was to develop a robot or a robot model that would help solve problems in the real world.

Each team developed an innovative and functioning robot solution and presented it to a jury, which also included WTO employee Tino Möschle. The first, second and third winner teams of the regional competition are qualified for the Germany finals in Freiburg on 16/17. June 2023. The World Finals will be held in Panama in November.


The exact dates and all other information can be found at: www.worldrobotolympiad.de


(Foto: © Frank Leonhardt)