Digital Training Content at WTO

Youth Research Award (“Jugend Forscht”) winner, Tino Möschle, is responsible for the digital training content at WTO with a focus on robotics and automation.


The "WTO ACADEMY" apprenticeship program will be integrated into the new "Smart Factory" for digital training content with robotics and automation.


The purpose of the WTO ACADEMY is to optimally prepare our trainees for the ongoing challenges in the profession of machining and industrial mechanics, and for the digitalization of manufacturing processes.


Solid practical training on modern CNC machines serves as the foundation for the Academy. Building on this project work provides practical training in the latest manufacturing technologies, e.g. prototyping with a 3D printer or the workflows for an automated assembly process with a robot cell.


The practical part is rounded off by modern CAM programming for the CNC-controlled machines. This teaches our trainees to plan and implement the entire manufacturing process digitally.


By integrating the WTO ACADEMY into the Smart Factory, our trainees experience first-hand the highest possible automation of manufacturing processes. WTO's new Smart Factory sets a milestone for state-of-the-art digital manufacturing in the region.