Power Skiving Unit für CNC Turning Centers

A new dimension of high productive gear machining: Skiving of ID and OD gears and splines on CNC Turning Centers with the innovative Power Skiving unit from WTO.


The WTO Power Skiving unit offers high stiffness and runout accuracy. The hydro chuck spindle enables an accurate and quick cutting tool change.




The workpiece axis and the skiving tool axis must be related to each other in a defined angle (α).


The offset of the cutting tool (Y) caused by rotating to the defined angle (α) must be compensated with the Y-axis of the machine.


Synchronization of work piece and tool rotation.

Feed movement in Z-axis.

When skiving is finished the cutter has to move towards X.


Please consider:

At the end of the gear/spline there must be sufficient clearance for the cutter.

Sample workpieces

Internal involute spline


Spur gear

Helical gear

Benefits and technical specifications
  • High stiffness and runout accuracy.
  • Quick cutting tool change with hydro chuck

  • Ratio i (n1:n2): 1:1
  • Max. RPM (n2): 3,000
  • Max. torque M: 63 Nm
  • Max. scale swing α: ±45°
  • Tool clamping dia.: Ø20 DIN1835A
  • Coolant supply: internal a. external
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