WTO sets standard in terms of sustainability

February 2024/Charlotte, NC


WTO in Germany has been using renewable energies for its production for years.

In the US, we have just completed the installation of our 175 kW PV system on the rooftop of our new building.


The 12,300 square feet solar system will produce approximately 250,000 kWh of energy annually and approx. over 6.8 million kWh over its lifetime.

This is equivalent to offsetting over 5,300 tons of carbon dioxide according to the US EPA Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies calculator!

New North American Headquarters grows and grows that fast…

November 2023/Charlotte, NC


The aerial photo already shows that construction of the new North American Headquarters of WTO USA is progressing rapidly. The load-bearing exterior walls are already finished and the first partition walls are also already in place inside.


The new 21,600 square foot building will include offices, warehouse, repair service and a modern showroom to serve our customers in North America. Completion is scheduled for May 2024.

November 2023

December 2023

WTO celebrates 40th anniversary and inaugurates Smart Factory

July 2023/Ohlsbach, Germany


WTO had two unique reasons to celebrate in July 2023: the 40th anniversary of the company and the official inauguration of the Smart Factory.


In 1983, Werner Tschiggfrei laid a solid foundation for success that began with three employees in Offenburg.  In 1998, the need for expansion led to a relocation to Ohlsbach. Together with his son, Sascha Tschiggfrei, they established a global company in the field of precision toolholders, which resulted in WTO becoming World Market Leader in the industry.  This collaboration’s advancement culminated in further expansion with the opening of the Smart Factory in 2022, which was inaugurated in conjunction with WTO’s 40th Anniversary.


Both of these events were exclusively and officially celebrated among representatives of the municipality of Ohlsbach, the architect, business partners, and the executives of WTO.  Thursday evening (June 13, 2023) was marked by many speeches and acknowledgements.


Company founder, Werner Tschiggfrei, thanked his wife Hannelore, in particular, for her comprehensive support over all these years and expressed his great pleasure that his son continues to drive WTO's path toward success.  He then directed his attention and appreciation toward all employees, whose outstanding commitment over the 40 years, made what has been achieved possible.


Owner and Managing Director, Sascha Tschiggfrei, guided the attendees through the individual milestones of the 40 years.  A key milestone occurred in 2012 when WTO first achieved the position as world market leader.  He went on to explain that “the use of the latest manufacturing technologies and environmental protection standards, makes the Smart Factory a milestone, not only for WTO, but for the region.”


Through their own speeches, this fact was confirmed by the partners present, who helped to realize the Smart Factory with their plants, machines, software and technical know-how. "My special thanks go to our dedicated staff of around 300 worldwide, without whom we would not be where we are today."


Deputy Mayor, Erhard Wussler, thereby conveyed the congratulations of all Ohlsbach citizens and associations and emphasized that, "WTO is an indispensable part of Ohlsbach. Thus, WTO not only offers local jobs, but supports the local associations as a sponsor.”


The WTO employees and their families were also celebrating with a large barbecue with delicious food and drink, the finest ice cream, imaginative face painting for children, a giant bouncy castle enjoyed by rambunctious little ones, a photo box for memorable picture-taking, and a DJ on a stylish VW bus. The nearly 500 attendees enthusiastically took the opportunity to visit WTO with a detailed tour.  The party continued in the WTO bar until late into the night.

Groundbreaking of the new North American Headquarters of WTO

June 2023/Charlotte, NC


We are excited to announce the groundbreaking for the construction of the new North American Headquarters of WTO USA which was held on Tuesday, June 20th, 2023. The new 21,600 square foot building will include offices, warehouse, repair service and a modern showroom to serve our customers in North America. Completion is scheduled for May 2024.


WTO USA has been serving the American market since 1995. Due to our outstanding product quality and professional service support, the demand for WTO products and services in North America has increased steadily and we rapidly outgrew our rented facilities. Early this year we acquired a 2.5 acres property in a newly developed area in Charlotte. The location is strategically located next to the interstate and close to the airport.


“We look forward to this new state-of-the-art US Headquarters which will set the groundwork for further growth in the US. The new building will be more than double the size of the current one and includes a large warehouse area, repair service area, office space and a showroom. Our new headquarter will give us the opportunity to service our customers in North America even better.” Sascha Tschiggfrei, CEO of WTO GmbH and President of WTO Inc. announces.


“We knew we wanted to stay in Charlotte. The goal was to find a location close to the interstate and airport to receive our weekly shipments easily and quickly from the factory in Germany” says Patrick Diener, Vice President of WTO USA. To meet the raising demand for energy, the entire roof will be equipped with solar panels with an estimated production of 250,000 kWh electrical power per year.


WTO is the market leader in the design and manufacture of precision toolholders for Turning Centers and Swiss Type lathes. Our products are in use worldwide, wherever precision parts are manufactured on turning centers with high productivity.

WTO is a "TOP 100 innovator" in 2023

WTO impressed in the renowned "TOP 100" competition and is now one of the TOP 100 innovators in Germany for 2023. This award is only given to particularly innovative companies. The right innovation strategy and the innovative strength of a company are deciding for the success in the TOP 100.

"TOP 100" award ceremony in Augsburg, June 2023


TOP 100 mentor Ranga Yogeshwar congratulated WTO on being named a "TOP 100 Innovator". Dr. Wolfgang Zimmermann, Marketing Director of WTO, was represented by proxy at the official award ceremony. The award ceremony took place during the 8th German SME Summit, which was held in Augsburg on Friday, June 2023, for all SMEs that received the TOP 100 seal at the beginning of the year. The science journalist, Ranga Yogeshwar, is accompanying the innovation competition, which is being held for the 30th time, as a mentor.


In the scientific selection process, WTO impressed in particular in the size category C (more than 200 employees) in the category "Innovation-promoting top management".

Photo credit: KD Busch/compamedia