Gear Hobbing Unit

High productive manufacturing of Gears with CNC turning centers.


The Gear Hobbing unit offers high stiffness and runout accuracy. High flexibility due to interchangeable milling arbors for different cutting tools.

Interchangeable milling arbor – removable counter support

Angular adjustment ±30° with scale and vernier




Synchronization of work piece and tool rotation.

Feed movement in Z axis.

When hobbing is finished the hob has to move towards X.


Please consider:

At the end of the gear/spline there has to be sufficient clearance for the hob.

Sample workpieces



e.g. DIN 5480, DIN 5482, TORX

Spur gear

Helical gear

Benefits and technical specifications
  • Usable for machining gear quality according to standard 8 ISO 1328, AGMA 8.
  • Maximum scale swing of ±30°.
  • High stiffness and runout accuracy.
  • Interchangeable milling arbor available in different sizes.
  • Easy cutting tool change through removable counter support and withdrawal of the complete milling arbor.
  • Cutting tools can be pre-set.
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Gear Hobbing


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