Follow-up AMB: Innovative tool holder solutions, such as ATC tool holders for turning centers, “smart” technology and more…

WTO presented several innovative tool holder solutions such as tool holders with automatic tool change for turning centers, Smart driven tool holders with intelligent online process monitoring, a new universal quick-change system for Swiss Type turning centers, patented coolant driven High-Speed spindles for up to 80,000 rpm and more.

Industry 4.0, premiers and innovations at AMB

ATC – Automatic Tool Change




Static and Driven Tool Holders with automatic operated Coromant Capto® clamping system for the automatic tool change at turn-mill centers.

QuickFlex® smart



The new generation of Smart Driven Tool Holders QuickFlex® smart with intelligent online process monitoring for high process reliability in fully automated turn-mill center cells.

CoolSpeed® Flex


Coolant driven Ultra-High-Speed Spindle up to 80,000 rpm with adjustable number of jets to regulate the coolant flow rate.

nanoFlex® Quick Change System for Swiss Type


The new universal quick-change System for Swiss Type turning centers with the capability to directly clamp ER collets.



Unique quick-change system for turning centers.


Now available:

New QuickFlex® adapters with Hydro Chuck clamping and Mini Floating Chuck adapters with internal coolant (IC).

Power Skiving Unit


High productive machining of ID and OD gears and splines.



Broaching Unit


Broaching Unit for manufacturing oriented keyways and splines.


Gear Hobbing Unit


High productive manufacturing of gears with CNC Turning Centers.



Blade holders with IC


Static holders with max. 80 bar high pressure internal coolant (IC) supply for increasing cutting tool life and performance.



Shank Tool Holders with IC


Increase cutting tool life and cutting feed rate by using high pressure internal coolant supply (IC).


pti – Polygonal Turning Interface



The new high-performance and unified tool holder interface for flexible usage on turning centers:
- 8-fold polygonal tool interface
- high bending and torsional stiffness
- high repeat position accuracy
- strong power drive for driven tool holder